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Houston-Based Board-Certified Urologist & Mentor. I am Dr. Brian J. kilometers and I’m a board-certified urologist.

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Dr. Brian J. Miles

Really a Mentor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell school, Vice Chair with the Department of Urology and hospital movie director of robot operation at Houston Methodist medical center. I are known for urologic oncology, especially cancer tumors associated with the prostate. I am the doctor in command of Surgical Robot Instruction at Houston Methodist healthcare facility. Getting presented given that the Director from the Urology Residency plan at Baylor institution of medication, we continue to train and offer specialist route to healthcare college students, urology owners, and many other urologists.

My primary focus your attention and/or involvement in scientific practice plus scientific studies are inside the detection and surgical treatment of prostatic adenocarcinoma, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. As one of the trusted government in Lone-star state together with the nation in use of the daVinci robot medical process, i’ve done over 3,200 automatic prostatectomies (removal of the prostate), and many automatic cystectomies (removal of the bladder), and fractional nephrectomies (removal of a section of the remedy) surgery. I also drive extensively as a lecturer, surgeon, and guide on urological cancers to numerous unknown nations.

I’ve composed in excess of 100 and seventy-five, peer-reviewed systematic records and e-book sections, and also have caused Dr. Peter Scardino given that the relate editor program regarding the landmark textbook, specific Textbook of Genitourinary Oncology. As a physician who is regularly indexed in, most useful malignant tumors professionals in America, America’s main physicians, very best Doctors in America and Colorado Super medical practitioner in Texas regular, we promise you the proper care and cures that you may receive from my personal workers and myself would be of the top quality and reliability.

Thank you for visiting my own website and please do not hesitate to get hold of us with inquiries

Your first explore I look forward to viewing you in assessment and talking about the instance. We’re going to get a long chat with regards to your verdict, grade of cancer tumors (Gleason achieve), period of cancers, several the various treatment plans such as alert ready, outside ray radiotherapy, brachytherapy (radioactive seeds implants in to the prostate), cryosurgery (freezing the prostate) and disposal of the prostate either from robotic surgical treatment or open method. I will be, most importantly, a cancer surgeon. It is essential to learn the details comprise the cancer given that they would be accustomed individualize your own treatment together with your functions. Each prostate with each malignant tumors regarding the prostate must certanly be deemed as specific as well as; therefore, each functioning must certanly be customized on the person customer as well as their requires. This is the reason I am a robust proponent for each biopsy fundamental being separately transferred in order for I am certain where the malignant tumors can be found. There are numerous guy in who available prostatectomy could be extra wise, but, as your encounter keeps extended, I am able to perform a high-quality disease procedure in in essence all guy by using the automatic method. Some will require the removing of pelvic lymph nodes in association with his or her cancer tumors. These are typically men with a Gleason get of 3+4 or maybe more. People with quite high Gleason ratings, 4+4 or better, happen to be people in whom i am going to accomplish a prolonged pelvic lymph node dissection, this is for many lymph nodes as is possible, both for analysis also for restorative grounds. This again will be discussed in excellent details on your appointment.

I have conducted an amazing range open radical prostatectomies, in excess of 1,000 among these process.


Recognizing the important share robotic operations could give treating guys with prostatic adenocarcinoma I immediately appreciated this technology. I begun slowly and gradually, being several the standard of the functions I found myself executing robotically is at smallest competitive with what I could supply utilising the typical open strategy. After 18 years of creating knowledge, i am aware that i could provide outstanding “quality of life saving” disease treatment with either techniques. Currently, I played over 3,200 robot prostatectomies. There are lots of which declare that the robotic technique is much less close since available. As a cancer surgeon with over thirty years of experience, I’m able to guarantee your this seriously is not correct. By your count, absolutely best 5 urologists in the nation which have played over 1,000 open prostatectomies and 1,000 robotic prostatectomies, and I am one. We’ve got a solid grounds to compare both and all acknowledge the value of robotic procedure.

I motivate that you carry on and educate yourself about your prostatic adenocarcinoma and its own control. We count on observing one in-person to debate your cancer tumors as well various methods to treat it and which can be right for every person

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