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Tomo Plastic 2021 Evaluation: No Credit History Needed

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One of only several cards offered to people that have restricted or no credit rating, the no-annual-fee Tomo bank card * , that is granted from the Mastercard network, employs savings or economic metrics to find out agreement and borrowing limit, and provides 1per cent cash back to boot. Yet the approval process might slow and you’ll should consent to hook up to your finances for a regular auto-pay of your respective invoice.

  • No credit check expected
  • No annual fee
  • No APR charges
  • Only a few finance companies could easily be associated with your bank account for approval
  • Other alternate credit card bills may offer greater advantages or benefits
  • Must be preapproved prior to getting a real credit product


  • Around $10,000 credit limit
  • No interest fees
  • No yearly cost
  • Make unlimited 1% cash return on all qualified purchases
  • Accelerated autopay like regular, bi-weekly, and monthly installments
  • Non-U.S. individuals are eligible in order to apply
  • No security money
  • No credit score assessment or credit ranking expected
  • Accounts to every 3 major credit bureaus


Usually, if you wish to be eligible for a speed on a loans card—or different different loans—a card institution would determine their investment basically on an applicant’s credit score in place of other factors that comprise a person’s overall financial visibility. This process created that a portion from the inhabitants like previous students, immigrants or others who experienced little to no loan but experienced revenue, were not able to are eligible for a card that are great for their requirements.

Tomo was designed to bypass that problems by maybe not evaluating an applicant’s credit rating whatever.

Instead, possible professionals give Tomo their checking account, family savings and/or asset username and passwords, which is used to determine qualifications and, if recognized, her credit limit. As with a good credit reputation cards aimed towards establishing a stronger account page, Tomo has found to any or all three credit bureaus.

The principal difference between Tomo and various other playing cards within this area is the fact it willn’t demand any desire costs, but you’ll ought to leave Tomo link to your bank account therefore it can instantly spend any prices once a week. This will likely work for those who had been merely planning on producing rates which they could pay out fully following every payment bicycle. Additionally it ways there’s no capacity to take an equilibrium during occasion. You’ll should assess if this charge card-like structure was a fit for ones purchasing specifications or if perhaps an alternative way might suit you better.

  • No yearly charge
  • No APR expenses
  • Earn 1per cent cash back on every purchase, with greater charges easy for recommendations
  • Must be preapproved to be given an authentic opportunity to employ
  • Must auto-pay your costs each and every week
  • Must enable Tomo to url to your appropriate financial expertise

The Tomo Card makes 1per cent cash back on every purchase. You could potentially relate a friend for the card, of course they’re approved, you’ll build an additional 1percent for a few times. You could potentially relate to 20 partners and make another 1% for a few season for every referral.

Money back are used toward the qualifying financial accounts of your choosing, which include cryptocurrency. It is possible to redeem your profits 28 period as soon as the previous month’s record continues paid in whole.

Forbes consultant utilizes information from numerous government agencies in order to really discover both baseline income and staying averages across different types. The 70th percentile of wage-earning families produces $100,172 every year and has now $52,820 in regular expenditures. Assuming 50% of these expenditures include charged to this particular card, complete annual credit using could be $26,410.

At a revenue rate of 1per cent, a Tomo cardholder would secure $264.10. For everyone known and accepted for a Tomo card, an extra 1% money back are won for a few many months.

Other Credit Many Benefits. As a Mastercard, the Tomo Card comes with the following pros:

  • Nothing accountability defense: As a Mastercard cardholder, you’re not liable in case some body produces unauthorized expenditures with the credit.
  • Mastercard Global Assistance: COLLECT disaster aid as well as in any communication. Also helps with revealing a misplaced or stolen card, getting a crisis credit substitute or cash advance, finding an ATM and responding to problems your profile.
  • Mastercard identification document crime defense: Activate their cards by registering your credit number and receive notifies whenever distrustful action is actually discovered and resolutions treatments if needed.

Conditions And Terms

Rates Of Interest

  • Standard APR: No interest fees
  • Buy Introduction APR: N/A
  • Equilibrium Pass Intro APR: N/A


  • Annual Costs: $0
  • Balance Transfer Cost: N/A
  • Cash Advance: N/A
  • Unknown Buy Exchange Price: Nothing

Just How The Card Compares? Tomo Plastic * vs. Petal® 2 “Cash Down, No Prices” Visa® Cc

The Petal® 2 “Cash back once again, No charges” Visa® plastic, which operates on the all credit system, regarded best of the lot with regards to cards aimed towards individuals with less-than-stellar financing. On your Petal 2 credit, your won’t be required to pay a yearly costs or pay a security money and you’ll obtain 1percent cashback rewards. With consistent on-time amount activities, that numbers will blossom into appropriate 1.5percent money back. In case the credit score is only beginning to bud, the Petal 2 advantages a glance.

Unlike the Tomo cards, Petal 2 in addition lets you hold an equilibrium, but like most cards you’ll afford fascination for accomplishing this so long as you take that balance from month-to-month. For those who use, your own credit visibility might be assessed for those who have one. If you are not, a Cash achieve works extremely well, that is an ongoing process similar to Tomo’s for the reason that these people your current monetary shape try considered to ascertain if you’ll get approved.

Tomo Plastic Card * vs. OpenSky® Fixed Visa® Charge Card

The OpenSky® guaranteed Visa® charge card from budget financial could be a good choice that can help create financing. There’s no loan pulling necessary to use, which means that your credit history doesn’t topic want it will with old-fashioned cards. It’s actually achievable to gather sanctioned correctly card if you decide to dont have got a credit rating anyway.

There are 2 potential drawbacks nevertheless when weighed against the Tomo cards. Initial, as an anchored cards, you’ll ought to pony upwards a security alarm deposit beginning at the very least of $200 to a prospective optimal of $3,000—this will end up getting your borrowing limit. And, the charge card likewise offers an annual price of $35. You actually have the possibility to handle an equilibrium from monthly.

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