Barolo 3D Consortium Edition

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The first 3D map dedicated exclusively to the MGAs of Barolo. Not to be missed!

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The first 3D map dedicated exclusively to the MGAs of Barolo. A true best-seller now in the houses of numerous enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Simple and intuitive, it will allow you to grasp at a glance the main morphological features of the individual MGAs. If you would like to add geological information to this, take a look—alternatively —at the Barolo Geo 3D map or at the Barolo geo-viticultural map (printed)

Each map is shipped ready packed in reinforced cardboard, wrapped in tissue paper, and framed in a light colored wood which goes well in every possible living space and environment.

A classic, not to be missed!

 Bilingual edition: italian and english. Size: 85×63 cm

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