25 March 2014 | Alessandro Masnaghetti

lesson on exposures 2 (once again)

of A M
Esposizioni google 2

There are only two ways to see the Langhe hillsides as they appear in the first photograph: either to live in or near the city of Alba or to be extremely lucky.
If that doesn’t work out and, in addition, you are a bit lazy, there is always Google to help you out.
Here is an example (the only thing that you will not find on Google are the names of the crus, but in this case it is sufficient to have our map of Barolo or our iPhone app).
P.S. the zone in question is the same as the first photograph, but seen from above. In this case, the distinction between warm vineyards (without snow) and cool vineyards (with snow) is even clearer.

Esposizioni google

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