3 February 2014 | Alessandro Masnaghetti

Lesson on exposures 1

of A M
Lezioni di esposizione

Many of you have heard that, in order to identify the finest exposures, it is necessary to enter a vineyard a few days after a snowfall. Few have had the opportunity to do so, and even fewer will have remembered to carefully observe the hillsides at the time.
We at Enogea have done the work for you!
A large part of the vineyard surface which you can observe ranges from good to very good, but the places where the snow is beginning to melt are the crême de la crême.
P.S. and then there are those who claim that, with the current climate, the mediocre vineyard positions more and more often give results which are comparable or even superior … but who knows why, when a miniscule piece of Brunate is up for sale, there is a line (and a mortgage) to snap it up.

Lezioni di esposizione

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